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I am fully qualified as a nutritional therapist. I trained over four years, with BCNH (UK College of Nutrition & Health) and Greenwich University, plus theInstitute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) where I completed my clinical practise. I have both a Dip BCNH (without clinical practise) and Dip ION, and my training is accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Council (NTC) and complies with all the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Nutritional Therapy. I am registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council) which is the official regulatory body for complimentary practitioners in the UK, plus I am a member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy). This is the professional association for nutritional therapists and I am bound by their Code of Professional Practise. I am required to engage in Continuous Professional Development which means that I attend regular lectures and seminars in order to keep up to date with the latest research in the field. I am fully insured for private practise. I also have an MA Hons in English Literature from Edinburgh University.

I am helping to run a holistic yoga retreat where I am acting Nutritional Therapist and give talks to the guests on different subjects about nutrition and wellbeing.

I am also writing a monthly blog for an online lifestyle and culture magazine that showcases the best of the South West of England.


I have always been enthusiastic about good food and the enjoyment one can get out of growing it, preparing it and eating it. About ten years ago, however, a personal health issue caused me to become interested in food as nutrition – specifically “food as medicine”. I started to understand that certain lifestyles and food choices can cause the body (as a whole organism) to become biochemically out of balance and, through this imbalance, cause ill health. Sometimes people put up with an illness, an uncomfortable condition, or with feeling under par, for months or even years. However this does not have to be the case and, often by ignoring symptoms, things will only get worse. By addressing one’s diet and by eating the foods that suit your own individual needs, the body different systems can often be brought back into a natural equilibrium, thus enabling a healing process to begin.


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